Promotion instructions 3 months free of charge

The steps you must take to put the device into operation with 3 months free of charge are as follows:

1- Register on this page

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You must accept the conditions of the page and click on the “SUBSCRIBE” button, so that you will have 3 months of free GPS service .

You will not be asked for card information for any type of payment. If after the three months you wish to extend the service, you may do so without any problem.

2.-Download and install the “findCar” App on your Android or iOS cell phone by following this link

3.- Access the App

In the App, after logging in with your username and password, click on “Add device” the first time you log in.

Enter the requested data, among which the ID is requested again. The app can read the barcode to make your job easier.

4a.- Only battery-operated BX devices

Turn on the device with the power switch or by pressing the power button for 3 seconds (depending on models), until the blue and orange lights start flashing.

4b.- OBD devices only

Install the device in the OBD port of your vehicle. It is usually hidden under the steering wheel, or in one of the locations shown below. If you can’t find it, consult your vehicle’s manual or look up the location of the . You can access this website for All vehicles since 2000 have the same.

4c.- Only “Tracker” devices connected to the vehicle battery.

Install the device next to the vehicle battery following the detailed instructions included with the GPS. Connect the pins to the positive and negative poles following the color scheme provided,

5.- Enjoy your GPS!

The device activation process in the mobile networks of your country usually takes no more than 20-30 minutes, but in some cases, depending on the mobile networks and the country, it may take up to 2 hours. Do not worry. To make the process faster, it is convenient that the vehicle is outside any building. Until the first location is obtained, “waiting for GPS signal” will be displayed on the App.

You have complete instructions on the use of the GPS device here