In order to properly use FinCar GPS devices for cars, one of the following plans must be subscribed:

Do i need a subscription with FindCar?

FindCar GPS locators use mobile networks in your country to send the GPS location of your vehicle to FinCart’s servers, and from there to your mobile smartphone or via the Web. Therefore, there is a cost for the transmission of data by mobile phone companies in your country. That way your vehicle will always be located with worldwide coverage.

how does it work?

Once you receive your FindCart GPS device, you must choose your subscription plan from those on this page, and then you can activate your FindCar GPS. You can choose from the options available for the coverage period with the payment interval you prefer. The subscription will be renewed in the indicated periods.

Can i cancel my subscription?

Of course. You can cancel your subscription plan at any time. As the subscription is paid in advance, you can cancel it at any time before it expires so that it will not be renewed. You can do it by accessing your account, or through the contact form. More information in our terms of sale .