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The findCar GPS locators for cars allow you to know the location of your vehicle at any time, as well as view the history of routes, locations, stops and much more! They are the best way to have the complete peace of mind of always having your car located.

You will be able to know its location through its GPS location system, and it will also provide you with a large amount of additional information such as its routes and stops, historical locations on maps, live location and much more. With OBD finCar GPS locators for cars you will always have the peace of mind of knowing where and how you are.

The findCar GPS locators for cars are also very easy to install, they come fully preconfigured. You only have to connect them to the OBD2 connector of your car (99% of cars have it, even if you’ve never seen it!). The OBD connector is usually in the area under the steering wheel, so the locator is hidden.

Having your car located at all times is very easy!

We have designed findCar OBD GPS Locator for cars so that it can be used easily by anyone. Installation is extremely simple, it comes preconfigured at the factory and the app is designed with the aim of being very intuitive. You will be able to see in real time the movements of your car, see history, receive alerts if you leave the marked area, and much more!

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